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About The Heritage Players, and Our History


The Heritage Players is a community theater group based in the South Hills, just outside of Pittsburgh.

In the mid-1990s, the Bethel Park Historical Society began considering resurrecting live theater. A board of directors was formed, and the performance group was dubbed "The Heritage Players" to reflect its connection to and endorsement by the Historical Society. Performances would be held in the Schoolhouse Arts Center. In October, 1997, The Heritage Players performed for the first time. The shows came together quickly, reflecting a commitment by the local community to jump head-first into the waters of live theater. Two full-length productions were undertaken the following spring.
In 1998 the Heritage Players began contributing to the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. Three more full-length productions, including a successful fundraiser at Independence Middle School, proved that The Heritage Players were here to stay.
The IMS experience also proved that Heritage was outgrowing its small theater space at the Schoolhouse Arts Center. When Bethel Park was building the B.P. Community Center, The Heritage Players were asked to move their performances to the brand new building and become Bethel Park’s community theater. In 1999 The Heritage Players began their first season at the Community Center, presenting a set schedule of shows and theater classes. The Heritage Players operated under the umbrella of the Bethel Park Recreation Department until 2011, when they became an independent 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization.
Starting 2013, due to economic concerns, The Heritage Players moved their performance venue to the Seton Center in Brookline. They also began expanding their educational programs by offering acting classes for adults and dance classes for all ages.
The Heritage Players are run completely by volunteers, and are always looking for ways to enhance the cultural enrichment of the local community.