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When are your auditions?

You can find our upcoming audition dates and full details on our Audition information page, as well as our home page for recent announcements.

Can anyone audition for Heritage Players?

Absolutely! Not only can anyone audition, but you can also direct, stage manage, teach, work tech, design, etc. There are no limits to a Heritage Players member. When it comes to acting, Heritage is that rare group that has completely open casting. None of our directors is permitted to "precast" a show. Most directors like to get a wide variety of "types" and ages, while remaining faithful to the playwright's intent. Obviously, we have a core group of talent, but no one is a "shoo-in" when it comes to our productions.

As for directing, if you are interested in directing for us, we recommend you become active in Heritage as soon as possible. We'll choose directors and shows towards the beginning of the year for the following season.

How do I reach you?

How can I become more involved with Heritage?

The easiest thing you can do is to become a member. With your annual dues, you receive one free admission to each of our mainstage shows.

The second easiest step is to attend our monthly board meeting. We meet the first Monday of the month (major holidays excepted, in which case we will be meet the 2nd Monday) at 7:00 p.m. at the Seton Center in Brookline. Visitors are always welcome.

We also have a number of other ways to contribute: Donations, Sponsorship and Patronage.